Janice Fraser

Founder & CEO, LUXr: The Lean UX Company
Janice is the founder of LUXr, a design program for Lean Startups. She’s an entrepreneur, designer, and advisor to early stage companies. Janice has raised capital, founded both successful and failed startups, and consulted to both large enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs. Along the way Janice has learned a lot about what makes some teams thrive and others fail. Prior to starting LUXr, Janice was a founding partner of Adaptive Path and served as the company’s first CEO.

Indi Young

Indi Young consults in product, service, and process design based on an empathic understanding of the people involved. She also writes, speaks at various venues, and mentors teams through their first foray into empathic research. She was the first Rosenfeld Media author, and a founder of Adaptive Path.

Charles Hudson

Venture Partner, SoftTech VC & Co-Founder and CEO, Bionic Panda Games

Charles Hudson is a Venture Partner with SoftTech VC where he focuses on mobile and gaming investments. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Bionic Panda Games.

Prior to joining SoftTech VC and co-founding Bionic Panda Games, Charles Hudson was the VP of Business Development for Serious Business until the company was acquired by Zynga in February 2010. Prior to Serious Business, he was the Sr. Director for Business Development at Gaia Interactive, an online hangout and virtual world for teens. Prior to Gaia, Charles worked in New Business Development at Google and focused on new partnership opportunities for early-stage products in the advertising, mobile, and e-commerce markets. Prior to joining Google, he was a Product Manager for IronPort Systems, a leading provider of anti-spam hardware appliances that was acquired by Cisco Systems for $830 million in 2007. Charles is also the founder of the Virtual Goods Summit and Social Gaming Summit, two of the leading conferences in the free-to-play games space. Charles spent several years working at In-Q-Tel, the strategic venture capital group for the Central Intelligence Agency. He holds an MBA and a B.A. in Economics and Spanish from the Stanford.

Chris Lindland

CEO & Founder, Betabrand
Chris is the leader and founder of Betabrand, a clothing company in San Francisco that designs its products around great stories. His products have been covered in the New York Times, Economist, New Yorker, Wired, and many others. Previously he was the co-founder of the online storage company i-drive, and prior to that he was a TV writer that sold TV pilots to Spike TV.

Susan Bethanis, Ed.D.

CEO and Founder, Mariposa Leadership
Sue is the author of Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage, hosts the popular show Wise Talk — a monthly leadership forum, and regularly delivers keynotes on leadership, coaching, and talent development/retention. Her recent clients include Zynga, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, McKesson, Microsoft, NASA, Nasdaq, Scios, SGI, Veritas Software, Washington Mutual, and Yahoo!.

Sonny Vu

CEO and Co-Founder of Misfit Wearables
Sonny is CEO and Co-Founder of Misfit Wearables, makers of highly wearable products. Previously he was Co-Founder of AgaMatrix, makers of the world’s first iPhone-connected hardware medical device, winner of the Red Dot and GOOD Design Awards. Before that he was CTO of a software start-up & worked at Microsoft Research on machine learning / linguistic technologies. He holds a BS in Math from UIUC and a PhD in linguistics from MIT where he studied under Noam Chomsky at MIT and knows a number of interesting languages. He has since been pursuing his unrequited love for product design, now as patron of good design.

Judd Antin

User Experience Researcher, Facebook
Judd Antin is a social psychologist and user experience researcher at Facebook. Judd studies social media, collaboration, and motivations for online participation. In 2011, he was named an MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35. Prior to joining Facebook Judd worked in the Internet Experiences Research Group at Yahoo! Research. Judd holds a PhD in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley. His educational background includes Applied Anthropology and training at the French Culinary Institute.

Ian Kennedy

Director of Product, GigaOM

Ian is Director of Product at GigaOM, a leading source of news and analysis on emerging tech. His team builds the tools and platforms to help everyone from the casual reader to the enterprise subscriber find the information they need to stay ahead. Ian has worked at Nokia, Yahoo, Six Apart, and Dow Jones. He is suspicious of Grumpy Cat.

Sarah Rose

VP Product, ModCloth
Sarah leads the product team at ModCloth. Previously she held senior product management positions at MobShop, BabyCenter, and HP. She holds a BA from Duke and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Hiten Shah

Co-Founder, KISSmetrics

Hiten is a recognized thought leader in data-driven decision making among other topics near and dear to product people. Before KISSmetrics Hiten co-founded CrazyEgg and ACS. He has mentored dozens of entrepreneurs and been an inspiration to countless others.

David Charron

David Charron is a Senior Fellow and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business. He is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and consultant in the Silicon Valley and has 25 years of focus on technology commercialization and entrepreneurship with Stanford, MIT and Xerox PARC among others. He frequently travels internationally as a professional educator and business consultant. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Berkeley.